• Ultra-stable, water charged system
  • Compact, remote control
  • Sub-micron positioning
  • Smooth, responsive motion
  • Long life, easy to service

SOMAPATCHTM MW Series Hydraulic Micromanipulators are specifically designed for patch clamping, intracellular recordings and microinjection. The end product of years of intensive development and testing, each manipulator is engineered to provide high precision, low drift, smooth responsive motion, long product life and ease of service.

A proprietary hydraulic actuating mechanism reduces drift to below 1 micron per hour at constant temperature, while still providing adequate travel for fine positioning. The hydraulic fluid is water which has a thermal expansion 2 to 3 times less than that of an oil-based system. The mechanism is designed for field service and can be easily refilled if needed.*

Each axis of the micromanipulator consists of a high precison, miniature translation stage guided by crossed roller bearings. The stage is actuated by hydraulic pressure via a 90 cm long hose connecting to a rotary drum. Remote control prevents perturbation due to hand motion.

SOMAPATCH MW Series are compatible with most coarse manipulators that can accommodate an 8 mm diameter rod. For optimum performance, we recommend using a high quality unit such as Soma’s MX1100 Series Precision Micromanipulator.

* The hydraulic mechanism incorporates proprietary leak-proof fittings. However, because hydraulic hoses are permeable to water, although very slowly, it will be necessary to refill the system periodically (3 to 5 years depending on condition of use).

Note: Hydraulic manipulators previously manufactured by Newport Corporation can be retrofitted with Soma’s MW Series hydraulic mechanism. Call Soma for information.

Model Travel Resolution
MWl (1-axis) 5 mm/axis < 0.25 micron
MW3R/L (3-axis)
5 mm/axis
< 0.25 micron

Ordering Information
Prices listed are U.S. prices. International prices are higher due to extra costs of doing business overseas. Please contact Soma for exact prices in your country. Description Model Price
Hydraulic Micromanipulator:
1 -Axis MW1 $3,695
3-Axis (right-handed) MW3R $6,995
3-Axis (left-handed) MW3L $6,995

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