MXP Series

Probe Clamp

Model MXC Probe Clamp has 360 degree rotation and locking screw for versatile placement of probes and pipette holders. Built-in 1/4-20 mounting screw allows attachment of probe clamp to Newport stages.

Pipette/Injector Holder

Model MXB Pipette/Injector Holder comes with a probe clamp which is mounted onto a sturdy ball-and-socket joint to provide flexible placement of microelectrodes and injection pipettes.

Fixed Height Platforms

Newport’s MXP Series Platforms provide stable, fixed height mounting for Newport stages. Compact manipulators can also be elevated to the desired height of a microscope using the MXP Platforms. Platforms can be bolted directly to tables or breadboards with 1/4-20 mounting holes or mated with Model 150 Magnetic Base for more flexible placement. Available in 4, 6, and 8 inch (102, 152 and 203 mm) assembly heights.

Ordering Information
Prices listed are U.S. prices. International prices are higher due to extra costs of doing business overseas. Please contact Soma for exact prices in your country. Description Model Price
Probe Clamp MXC $255
Ball Joint Pipette/Injection Holder MXB $355
Fixed Height Platforms
4.0 in. (102 mm) Assembly Ht. MXP4 $425
6.0 in. (152 mm) Assembly Ht. MXP6 $475
8.0 in. (203 mm) Assembly Ht. MXP8 $515

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