• Low drift, ultra-stable
  • High-resolution flexure stage design
  • 5 axes coarse adjustment/3 axes fine adjustment
  • Probe tilt angle adjustable from 0° to 90°
  • Index stop aids fast electrode replacement
  • Zero backlash

The high precision and stable design of Soma’s Model MX3000 Huxley-Style Micromanipulator provides the ideal solution for long-term intracellular recordings, patch-clamp recordings and other high-precision cell-probing tasks.

Coarse positioning is achieved with an XYZ stage mounted atop a flexure platform. The X axis (vertical), used for approaching target cells, has a travel of 38 mm and can be tilted at any angle from horizontal to vertical. The Y axis (horizontal) has a travel of 20 mm.

Fine positioning is made possible by Soma’s ultra-high-resolution drives. Smooth, precise and repeatable 0.1-micron moves are easily performed. Maximum travel in all three fine axes is 2 mm.

The coarse micromanipulator, flexure platform and fine adjustment drives are fixed to a solid brass frame attached to the top of a heavy-duty, rotating base. The base can be rotated 360° and is lockable with a lever. This design features a heavy mass and a low center-of-gravity for stability, and allows the entire unit to swing in and out for rapid electrode replacement. An adjustable stop on the rotating base allows the unit to return to a pre-aligned position.

The rotating base comes with a mounting baseplate which can be bolted to workstations and tables with standard hole patterns. The baseplate can also be mated to an optional Model 200 Magnetic Base for more flexible placement of the manipulator.

To raise the MX3000 to match the height of an inverted microscope, simply insert four steel P Series Posts between the MX3000 and the magnetic base.


Smallest Incremental Move <0.1 µm
X Axis Travel 38 mm coarse/2 mm fine
Y Axis Travel 20 mm coarse/2 mm fine
Z Axis Travel 25 mm coarse/2 mm fine
Tilt Angle Adjustment 0 to 90 degrees
Base Rotation 360 degrees w/index stop
Base Plate Dimensions 5 x5 x3/8 in. (127 x127 x 9 mm)
Weight 12.6 lb (5.7 kg)

10.5 in. (267 mm) with ±0.4 in
(10 mm) adjustment range
Ordering Information
Prices listed are U.S. prices. International prices are higher due to extra costs of doing business overseas. Please contact Soma for exact prices in your country. Description Model Price
Left-handed MX3000L $6,375
Right-handed MX3000R $6,375

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