This compact micromanipulator combines many features that have made it one of the most popular items available for electrode placement. Weighing only 650 grams, this instrument incorporates X,Y and Z motion controls on the same vertical plane (all within 8 cm), a feature that simplifies movement and increases compactness to allow side by side use of several units if desired. Calibrated vernier scales allow positioning to 0.10 mm with micrometer reading of 10 micron (with estimate to 5 micron) on the X-axis fine adjustment.

Weight 650 g including rod clamp
Dimensions 6.5 cm W x 14 cm H x 10.5 cm L
Movement Range (cm):
X-Probe Direction (Coarse) 3.7
X-Probe Direction (Fine) 1.0
Y-Horizontal 2.0
Z-Vertical 2.5
Ordering Information
Prices listed are U.S. prices. International prices are higher due to extra costs of doing business overseas. Please contact Soma for exact prices in your country. Description Model Price
3-Axis, Right-handed,
w/post and magnetic base


MM33L $1,350
3-Axis, Left-handed
w/post and magnetic base
MM33R-MB $1,575
MM33L-MB $1,575

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